Indoor Fireplace Exquisite Stone Decor Ideas

Man has been gathering around a roaring fire since time immemorial. It’s a place that creates feelings of safety and well-being for many on a chilly winter’s night.

Recent studies have shown that there’s a reason for this. Scientists have proved that staring into the flames lowers blood pressure. There’s no denying the mesmerizing flames can reduce anxiety and tension.

Whatever your reasons for lingering around the flames, nothing beats an indoor fireplace when winter rolls around. Here’s some inspiration if you’re considering installing or upgrading a fireplace this year.

Country-Style Indoor Fireplace 

Farmhouse kitchens may be so last year, but nothing creates a sense of comfort more than a country-style fireplace. There’s no better way to add a little rural bliss to your living areas than with a stone fireplace.

Farm-style fireplaces look great with a floor-to-ceiling design that narrows towards the roof.

Stone or clay bricks work equally well for a country hearth and a wooden mantel and farm-style fireplace decor seal the deal. Think wagon wheels, horseshoes, and farm animal sculptures or prints.

Full-Length Stone Fireplace

If you’re going to have a fireplace why not make it a striking focal point?

For a room with tall ceilings, consider going straight up from floor-to-ceiling with your design. Adding a stone facade from top to bottom helps to accent the height of your room.

When using large amounts of stone for designs like these, it’s a good idea to choose thinstone veneers, which make the entire construction much lighter.

A Modern Spin on a Retro-Style Fireplace

Upgrade an old-school fireplace with grey slate and matching wall paint. Gold touches in your decor are the perfect accent to this minimalistic look.

This modern take on a classic design works well in a dining room or other elegant living areas.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Limestone and Ledgestone blocks aren’t only for outdoor kitchens nowadays. These chunky stones add depth and warmth to any room.

Some of the best designs include stacked stone creations, fireplaces in the center of the room, and even those that cut through two rooms like a solid room divider.

Lodge-Style Lounging

Create a permanent vacation feel in your home with a lodge-style fireplace of rough-cut stone. Add some wood accents, leather furniture, and hunt prints and you’ll think you’ve escaped to the woods.

It’s the perfect way to promote a relaxed atmosphere and cozy intimacy at home.

Scandi-Style Fireplace

If you prefer a minimalist approach, a stone or brick fireplace with no mantel that’s flush with the wall blends seamlessly into your design.

You can leave the stone pale and natural or blend it in with a coat of paint, depending on how much of a disappearing act you desire.

Cast Your Design Ideas in Stone

There’s no doubt that stonework adds a touch of elegance and durability to your most lived-in areas. Whether you need help installing an indoor fireplace or an outdoor entertainment area, we have the know-how to make it happen.

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