Winter Lawn Care Tips. 5 Things You Need to Know

You know how important your green, well-kept lawn is to you during the warm weather months. You spend time mowing, trimming, edging and even giving it fertilizer.
Once the temperatures start to cool, you might be ready for a little reprieve from your lawn care duties. But don’t put away the mower and put up your feet just yet.
You need to do a few things to prepare your lawn for winter. Yes, that’s right. Like snow tires go on the car and the winter coats get pulled out of the back of the closet, your lawn needs to get ready for winter too.
Read on to learn about these 5 winter lawn care tips.

Winter Mowing

As the warm weather season comes to a close, you might be looking forward to a break from mowing and caring for your landscaping. But you should continue to mow up until your grass stops growing, late into the season.
As you near the end of the season, consider lowering the height of your mower in the last two or three mowing’s. Be cautious to not go to short and cause bald spots that could weaken the roots.

Keep Lawn Clear of Seasonal Debris

In the fall, you know it is necessary to rake leaves and remove them from your lawn. You might have your annual leaf raking session. But it is important to do this throughout the season.
If leaves pile up on your lawn, they can cause your lawn problems. Wet leaves invite disease for the lawn. Consider keeping them mowed up as they fall and the mulched leaves will then add nutrients back into your soil.

Aerate Your Lawn

During the fall and going into winter, it is important that your lawn is strengthening its roots. One way to allow your lawn the room it needs to strengthen roots is by aerating it before winter.
This gives the roots air and room to grow and get stronger before the dead of winter kicks in.

Cold Weather Grass Seed

Once the debris of fall is cleared and you have finished your aerating, evaluate your lawn. Do you have any bare spots, thin spots or spots where the grass doesn’t seem to be growing?
Get some cold weather grass seed to put on those spots. Consider using a hand spreader so you don’t get big clumps of seeds in one spot. Let winter help you fill those spots in for spring.


Your grass needs one last fertilizing before the cold of winter sets in. Ideally, you want to do this late in the fall season while your grass is still growing.
The later fertilizing will green up the grass well into winter. It will also help it to strengthen its roots for the long winter ahead. The roots will absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer.
They store them for the winter, so come spring they have the extra nutrients to start growing as soon as the weather starts to warm up.
Take Care of Your Lawn With These Winter Lawn Care Tips
You want your lawn looking its best, no matter the season. Follow these 5 winter lawn care tips to help your lawn have a healthy winter and be ready for spring again.
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