At Bethlehem Masonry, we strive to bring our customers the superior workmanship paired with the highest quality products and supplies. We put our heart into every project we do. That’s why it’s important we use the best supplies the industry has to offer. By carefully choosing each product we use, our team has the peace of mind that every completed job is finished to the best of our abilities.

We carry a variety of different options when it comes to pavers. This allows us to cater to the unique style of each of our customers. But a lot more goes into our paver projects than choosing between brick, stone, or veneer. The basic decision-making that goes into a patio or driveway project has to do with the type of pavers you want, the colors, and the layout of the design. Once these decisions have been made, our team gets started on the smaller details to make sure your project is completed to perfection.

That’s where the products we use to work on your project make a big difference. Your completed paver project can look beautiful, but is it functional? Will it last through a harsh Winter? Will it withstand a rainy Spring? We’re proud to introduce a new line of paver sand that’s been a game-changer for our team. Let’s look at it further!

The Best Paver Sand Available

Developed by a group of professional contractors in the masonry industry, Joint-It Simple is a revolutionary, new paver sand that we’re proud to carry at Bethlehem Masonry. It’s not just used by our team of professional hardscapers and landscapers, it’s selling off the shelves to other masons and landscapers in the business. It’s even being purchased by local DIY project lovers.

What’s so great about it? For starters, it’s stronger and more durable than polymeric sand. It’s ready-to-use and can be applied in wet or dry weather. This means you don’t have to stall the completion of your paver project due to inclement weather. The product is eco-friendly, non-staining and brings you the benefits of no hazing and no dust.

Joint-It Simple can be used with all-natural stone, concrete pavers, slabs, and setts, including porcelain. It is unlike any other paver mortar on the market in America! Although it’s new to the USA, it’s been hugely successful across Europe and Asia. The product allows for fast application. Since it is activated by contact with air, it’s also fast drying.

Joint-It Simple comes in 3 colors: Neutral, Grey, and Dark Grey. It’s conveniently sold in 20KG buckets at our supply yard.

What Makes It Different?

One of the biggest benefits of Joint-It Simple is that it is water permeable. It sets rock hard into the joints of your paver project. Being water-permeable means that water and rain won’t lodge between the pavers of your patio or driveway. Instead, water drains down through the joints, preventing your patio from flooding. Rain won’t crack the joints between your paving slabs which also makes Joint-It Simple weed resistant.

In addition to keeping the weeds out, you can easily power-wash your patio or driveway without worrying about damage. The water won’t lift Joint-It Simple out of the joints as long as the manufacturers’ guidelines have been met with the installation. Water simply drains down through the joints, making this paver sand power-washer resistant. It’s also frost resistant for the same reasons listed above. And since you don’t need to worry about poor drainage, using Joint-It Simple can stop insect infestation on your patio and driveway!

How to Use Joint-It Simple

The manufacturers of Joint-It Simple make it easy to understand the application process with their step-by-step video guide here. Watching this video protects your rights under the manufacturers’ warranty. The application process is best completed when you follow these steps:

1.          Get the Foundation Right

Your foundation or base must be water permeable. You should use a compacted, hard core that is 4-6” deep. Make room for 2 inches of sand and cement on top of whatever depth your paver will be. Use sharp and gritty sand. Your sand and cement mix should us a ratio of 1:6. The semi-dry mixture should be one-part cement to six parts sand. It’s important to note that joint depth must be a minimum of 1-inch-deep and joint width must be a minimum of 1/8 inch wide. Once your pavers are set in place, remove all the dust and debris from the joints before you begin the process of applying Joint-It Simple.

2.          Soak the Area with Water

Before you begin, you must soak your finished paving with water. Do this before you even open the bucket of Joint-It Simple. Keep the paving soaked with water while you work. Don’t allow the paving to dry as you work with the Joint-It Simple product. Keep re-wetting the paving area as you work.

3.          Open Joint-It

Only once you have wet down the entire paving area, you should open the vacuum-packed bag. Tip the product onto your wet paving.

4.          Applying Joint-It to Pavers

Using a hard-bristle brush, work the product into the joints of your project. Keeping your paving wet with water will allow you to sweep the Joint-It Simple into the joints. Do not allow the paving to dry as you work.

5.          Soak Again

It seems like this is all we keep saying, but seriously, keep the water coming. Once all the joints are full of the product, soak the paving again with water. Once the entire area has been soaked, allow the paving and product to dry. This will take between fifteen to forty-five minutes depending on the weather.

6.          Sweep Your Paving

Once your product and the paving area has dried, use a soft-bristle brush to sweep the paved area. Top off joints with the product until all the joints are completely full. Sweep up and remove any excess product and your project is complete!

7.          Storing

If you have any leftover product, dump it into the bucket. Cover the product with water and seal the bucket tightly so no air gets in. The product will keep this way for 4 weeks.

There you have it! One of the latest and greatest products we’re proud to carry at Bethlehem Masonry & Supply. For more information on Joint-It Simple, give us a call or stop by our supply yard.