solar paver lights

If you’re looking to add some character to your outdoor space, the new solar paver lights are the perfect option for you. The masonry industry is always changing and new products give us all something to be excited about. That’s exactly what the latest solar paver lights have done. They give our masons a chance to design creative projects that brighten up your outdoor walkways, gardens, and driveways. And our customers are just as excited about these as we are.

When it comes to both outdoor lighting and stone or brick pavers, you have lots of options. But these solar paver lights are different. They can be strategically placed to provide your outdoor space a sleek look and a strong light source. Additionally, they provide clients a chance to highlight their unique style and design something no one else in the neighborhood is going to have in their property. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Solar Paver Lights?

While you’ve probably seen your fair share of solar lights by now, you haven’t likely seen solar pavers. But now that we offer these new solar paver lights CT, we’re sure they’re going to be used in projects throughout our area. As you may have guessed by the name, solar pavers light up your outdoor space at night by using the energy they’ve collected throughout the day from the sun.

Just as solar lights use the photovoltaic effect to work, solar paver lights work the same way. A solar cell is placed into the pavers. That cell is used to convert sunlight into a direct electrical current. As sunlight passes through the solar cell, it pushes negatively charged electrons into positively charged spaces. These are then transferred as a direct current of electricity to a battery where it is stored until it’s needed.

As the daylight fades, solar cells stop converting sunlight. That’s when the magic happens. A photoreceptor built into the solar paver lights can actually detect when its dark. Your solar paver lights will automatically turn on as the darkness sets in, creatively and effectively lighting up your outdoor space.

How Do Solar Pavers Work If There’s No Sun?

One of the most common questions about solar lights, in general, is how do they work if it’s not sunny? Even on cloudy days, solar cells can absorb enough energy gathered from a small bit of daylight or the strength of the sun’s rays. So, now only will you save money with your electricity, but you will also be creating a beautiful outdoor space that requires little maintenance.

Benefits of Using Solar Paver Lights

With all the options available today, choosing just one option for outdoor lighting can be a challenge. There are so many great products and supplies that can bring your property to the next level. When it comes to solar paver lights, the choice is simple. That’s because there are several benefits to using these pavers, outside of bringing a bit of style to your outdoor space.

Here are some great benefits of solar paver lights:

  • They’re easy to install, so we don’t need to rip up your current patio, driveway, or walkway to add them in.
  • There is no wiring required.
  • Solar pavers give off up to 8 hours of light with 9 cool white LED lights inside.
  • They last for around 10 years, meaning you won’t have to replace them often.
  • They’re environmentally-friendly.
  • They’ll save you on your electricity bill.
  • Solar pavers charge within 1 to 8 hours, meaning even a small amount of daylight can be enough to sustain.
  • They are durable, quality products. These pavers can easily be placed on your walkway, patio, or in your driveway and be walked on, played on, and even driven over! They are scratch resistant.
  • They’re waterproof and UV protected so you won’t need to worry about damage.
  • They give you a chance to dress up your driveway, add design to your walkway, and show off your creative style across your backyard patio.

Check out some of the unique designs we created for some of our clients using these solar pavers on our social media accounts. The options are endless!

What Type of Solar Pavers Work Best?

When it comes to choosing the right solar paver lights for your project, our team is trained and skilled in helping you pick what will work best with your vision. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need to know which paver works best or how you can incorporate these into your space, we will help ease the process.

Here are some things that need to be considered when choosing your solar pavers:

  • What size do you need? These pavers come in a variety of sizes. The right solution for you depends on your design concept and your personal preferences.
  • What material do you prefer? Most solar paver lights are made with acrylic or glass.
  • What color do you want? Solar paver lights do come in different colors, but the most common is clear. Most clients incorporate color through their regular brick or stone pavers and integrate the solar paver lights to give their space a burst of personality using light.

Finding a great way to liven up your property talking is easy to do with the solar power lights Bethlehem Masonry and Supply now carry. They don’t just effectively light up your outdoor space, but they also give it some style. Plus, you’re helping the environment and saving yourself money on electricity. What’s better than that? You’ll not only love the look these pavers give, but you’ll also be the talk of the neighborhood!

For more information about our solar paver lights and to discuss how you can incorporate these new products into your outdoor design, get in touch with a member of our team!